Transform Your Body in Six Weeks with this Expert-Led Workout Program.
We will pay you for every pound you lose!
by two-time world champion and coach David
What's included:
6 Weeks of LIVE structured, and coached workout sessions
Intensity levels for beginners to Olympians!
FREE goal specific meal plan
Daily food accountability with REAL people!
Workout Anytime. Anywhere.
Finding a structured workout plan that requires no equipment is not easy. Sure, you can use YouTube, but the workouts in those videos have no structure, no plan and the instructors are not that credible.
That's where SISCOEGYM comes in.
SISCOEGYM doesn't feature wannabe fitness instructors who have no credentials. The head trainer, David Siscoe, knows what he's doing. He is an Exercise Specialist, has owned 4 fitness centers in Montréal and was the on-air exercise specialist for Global television and CJAD news-talk radio for 22 years! 
SISCOEGYM put me on the right path and they can do the same for you! 
Shaun Starr (Talk-radio personality)
Shaun lost 28 lbs in only his first 6 weeks with
SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge is a complete full-body workout plan that  includes daily food monitoring to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it be to tone, lose weight, or build muscles in just six weeks. Rather than focusing on just a few problem areas or muscle groups, the SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge offers structured workout plans you can do from the comfort of your own home...even when you travel (whenever that will be again).
If you can watch videos on your phone or on your computer, then you're already fully equipped with a home gym in the SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge.
The SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge provides 4-LIVE coaching session PER WEEK throughout the 6 weeks. With LIVE coaching, the intensities and options can be modified on the spot! The workouts are structured with varying intensities, which are focused on improving the entire spectrum of performance and body composition.
These workouts are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, move better, and feel better. IF you miss any of the live coaching classes, you will still be able to follow along at your convenience through the SISCOEGYM app.
BONUS: Included with your workout schedule are 2 yoga classes per week to help aid with any body pain, mobility and recovery.
Along with helping your fitness goals, your plan includes material on nutrition, mindset, and 24/7 access to real coaches and support staff on training, motivation and nutrition coaching as part of your full-body wellness approach.
This is not an app! This is not a computerized program! This is with Real COACHES and a real support team here...for your success.
6 Weeks of LIVE coaching
  • 4 Times per week
  • 3 Levels of intensity (beginner, intermediate and advanced).
  • BONUS: 2 additional yoga session per week to aid in recovery.
FREE Goal Oriented Meal Plan
  • Easy to follow, surprisingly delicious recipes to help you maximize your results

  • Daily tips and education on your meals in accordance to your meal plan to help you create sustainable habits without depriving you of food that tastes good

  • Learn How to maximize your weight loss during the 6-week program

  • OVER 43,687 success stories to date. Are you ready to be the next success story?

If you can watch videos on your phone or on your computer, then you're already fully equipped with a home gym in the SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge.
Antoinette T.
A.K.A. Mighty Mouse lost an incredible 89 lbs in our program.
"This was the first text, that I sent out the minute I crossed the finish line at the NY marathon.
Because of you.... I was able to experience this. This would not have happened without you."
THAT is what it's all about... Making changes to yourself...for yourself...and we can help.
Right now, SISCOEGYM is running this challenge whereby ANY participant can be rewarded $600 CASH if they become a qualified success story during this challenge. (Note: Chances are great as we already have over 43,000 success stories). Every participant will be rewarded a $25 credit to continue in this program ongoing, for every pound of body weight lost during this challenge (up to 20 lbs). That is every participant..this way, everyone wins!
IF we decide to use your story, your before and after images or video, we will pay you $600, cash! This is not just for the top 2 finishers, this is for as many participants who really showcase what this challenge is all about.
Here's how you can enter:
  1. Fill out the form entree form by clicking here for the SISCOEGYM 6 week online challenge. This challenge can be done at home, at your office, while you are travelling or at your favorite fitness center. Rest assured, you do not need gym equipment to succeed. It can be literally done anywhere. But, you must be a registered member in the SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge to participate.**JOIN HERE

  2. Connect with other Challengers, including SISCOEGYM employees, to verify weigh-ins, review your meals daily, compare notes, share healthy recipes, and motivate each other to get the best results.

  3. During the 6 Week Challenge, be coachable! Adjustments will be made to your exercise and meal plan if need be as will will be monitoring your efforts daily to help you maximize your results.

  4. After the six weeks, explain in 500 words or so, how the Challenge impacted your mental and physical well-being.

  5. Qualified finalists will need to submit a video in which they discuss their experience and share their results.

All you need is a body, your mobile device or computer that plays videos and that's it! If you've got that, then you have all the home gym you'll need with the SISCOEGYM 6 Week Challenge. Take control of your body and achieve your best body with SISCOEGYM
If you can watch videos on your phone or on your computer, then you're already fully equipped with a home gym in the SISCOEGYM 6 week challenge.
To book a consult please submit the form below with your details. We will send you information and available times.
Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances |Results are not guaranteed BUT highly likely if you are coachable |Willpower is always required!
We do not hide behind a P.O. Box...we are a real gym, with real, amazing trainers and a real support staff!
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