This doesn't shock most people but, 97% of people who exercise, at home, in a park or even in a gym, ANY GYM, have
NO CLUE what to do to reach their goal.


So, you decide to join a gym OR you decide to follow a training app, and you sign up only to be left to your own devices. YOU are told to "choose" the program you think is right for you YOU!


As if you are all of a sudden an expert in the field of fitness. So you try and you try again. But since we know that 97% of people who exercise DO NOT KNOW how to reach their goal,
is it not ridiculous to be left to your own devices?

Let the professionals do what we do best!

So many doctors train with us at SISCOEGYM. Doctors respect that we are professionals in our field just as we respect that they are professionals in their field. So let's do something different! Simply selelct your goal and we will guide you on how to reach that goal. 

43,687 (and counting) people cannot be wrong!

For the past 35 years, David Siscoe has been an exercise specialist. He know how to get you results. Being the exercise specialist in media on talk-radio as well on the morning news show for 22 years, we have listened to what people really want...they don't want gimmicks, and it's enough with the lies...YOU WANT RESULTS!


FOUNDATIONS (learn the basics and results are sure to follow)


Weightlifting · Gym

  • Are you a beginner and want an intro to the gym? This is the best guide to introduce you to the fundamentals of lifting.

  • This program will help you develop solid motor patterns to advance you to the next level. 

  • Become confident so that you can advance your programming. 

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6 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (With over 43,687 success stories and glowing reviews online THIS is the most complete program you'll find).

Weightlifting · Gymnastics · Cardio · Yoga and · Nutrition

  • Fed up with yoyo dieting? Tired of losing weight only to have it come back on...PLUS some?

  • This program has help over 43,000 people simply because there is no B.S! We have been doing this for 35 years without contradicting our services...THIS WORKS!

  • Become the next amazing body transformation and we'll even pay you for doing it!!


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING (The ULTIMATE in training. This program has it all. 

Weightlifting · Gymnastics · Cardio · Yoga and · Nutrition

  • Statistically, we know that by combining all 5 of the fitness modalities that exist, the success rate jumps to an amazing 89% (compare to the industry average of only 24%).

  • Strength and Conditioning is what Olympians use, professional athletes use as well as Hollywood celebrities...You should too!

  • Take you results to the next level and we mean measurable results!


Subscribe and follow the exact workout routine on your schedule.


Maximize your results with HD video instruction and exclusive coaching tips


Toss the notepad and track your weights, reps and time directly in the app.


Maintain your results and reach new goals with +30 Fitplans for as little as $19.99 CAD/month.
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