Strength and Conditioning
This is a program which follows the scientific progressions designed to help Elite Atheltes acheive their goals. Be it the professional level or the Olympics. You will not find superior training anywhere!
28 Day Boot Camp Challenge
This is a program which compiles the very best in training with an eating program that produces amazing results in only 28 days!
This program fills up fast! 
Reserve your spot NOW!
Hot Yoga
Yin Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Classes for beginners to the most advanced. Come see why many Yoga Instructors practice at SISCOEYOGA
iBeam Interactive
This is a program compiles the SISCOEGYM is the only fitness center in Montréal with this amazing interactive video fitness gaming system designed to entertain kids while parents do their thing!
Prepared Meals
Any fitness professional will tell you NUTRITION accounts for 70 to 75% of your success! 
We prepare healthy, tasty meals that get results! A la carte, 5 daily meals or buy 7 days worth and only pay for 6. 
This is easily atop most every athletes list of priorities...and should therefore be atop yours as well. Mobility allows you to be stronger, and enjoy your life, be it athletics or just every day living with greater quality of life.
Cooking Classes
As nutrition accounts for 70 to 75% of your success, does it not make sense to know how to and what to cook to enjoy yummy, healthy meals?
SISCOEGYM is the only fitness center in Montréal that offers cooking classes specific for weight-loss!
Abonnements au Gym disponibles - 05h30 - 22h00 - Musculation et Conditionnement - Yoga - Boot Camp - Entraînement en circuit - Plans de repas spécifiques à un objectif - Entraîneurs personnels - Défi de remise en forme de 6 semaines
Open Gym Memberhips available - 05h30 - 22h00 - Strength and Conditioning -
Yoga - Boot Camp - Circuit Training - Goal Specific Meal Plans - Personal Trainers - 6 Week Fitness Challenge

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